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US President Mr Biden to Strengthen Buy American Provisions不锈钢展-2021第二十二届广州国际不锈钢工业展-The 22nd China(Guangzhou)Int'l Stainless Steel Industry Exhibition
1/26/2021  不锈钢展-不锈钢展会- Stainless Steel Exhibition

US President Mr Joe Biden is to sign an executive order creating a central review of agency waivers to Buy America requirements. The executive order will require government agencies to close loopholes in the way domestic content is measured and boost domestic content requirements. It also will increase the price preference for domestic goods, the price difference that the government can pay over that for material from a non US producer. Mr Biden aims to bolster oversight of potential waivers to domestic preference laws.

American Iron and Steel Institute president and CEO Mr Kevin Dempsey has welcomed the order by saying “Strong domestic procurement preferences for federally funded infrastructure projects, known as Buy America, are essential to ensure that taxpayer dollars are used to procure American steel and other made-in-America products and have helped create manufacturing jobs. Recent studies have also shown that the American steel industry is the cleanest and most energy efficient of the leading steel industries in the world. We strongly support President Biden’s action today.”

Steel Manufacturers Association president Mr Philip K Bell said “We are pleased by the President’s action today. Executive orders, rulemaking and Congressional legislation should continue to focus on enhancing ''Buy America'' in ways that benefit American workers and companies.”

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