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Changeable price trend of Chinese seamless pipe in 2019- The 20th China (Guangzhou ) Int’l tube & pipe Processing Equipment Exhibition
1/18/2019  管材展-钢管展-steel tube expo-tube &pipe expo
    In terms of global trade development, there was full of uncertainty while protectionism ignited from the US then to other countries, and the China-US trade war continued with no conclusion yet. The impact spread from currency, export market, etc. There was a great challenge especially in China’s domestic market.

Chinese government levied some policies to sustain the stableness in steel sector, including cutting production capacity and environmental regulation in more areas. Most mills benefited from above policy application except seamless pipe sector while its price mainly determined by the upstream raw material. 

Hence, the report showed that the price of seamless pipe usually increased slowly but fell quickly. Market players thought it would be the priority to stimulate China’s domestic demand and shift from the focus on quantity to quality. 

Also, it was estimated to have more precise and specific requirements on environmental protection and the seller market shall continue along with lower annual profit performance due to cautions operation for stocks. 管材展-钢管展-2019广州国际管材及管材加工设备展-中国展出效果最好的管材展-巨浪展览 - The 20th China (Guangzhou ) Int’l tube & pipe Processing Equipment Exhibition -Tube exhibition, Tube expo,2019 Tube exhibition,2019 Tube expo, China Tube exhibition, China Tube expo, pipe exhibition, pipe expo, 2019 pipe exhibition,2019 pipe expo, China pipe exhibition, China pipe expo, Guangzhou pipe exhibition, Guangzhou tube exhibition, Guangzhou pipe expo, Guangzhou tube expo 
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