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Severstal, RUSNANO and Windar Renovables to manufacture wind turbine towers in Russia- The 20th China (Guangzhou) Int’l Plate metal, Bar, wire, Metal Processing &Setting Equipment Exhibition
9/20/2018  金属板材展-棒材-线材展 -plate metal expo-wire expo
    PAO Severstal, RUSNANO and Windar Renovables have concluded an agreement to create a joint venture, WRS Bashni, LLC, to produce steel towers for wind-driven power plants. The renewable energy products, which will be the first of their kind in Russia, will be built in the Rostov Region. The wind energy equipment will be installed as part of a government program to develop and stimulate the generation of renewable energy sources in Russia. During the first stage, total investment in the project will be more than 750 million roubles. Windar Renovables will have a 51% stake in the joint venture, and RUSNANO and Severstal will each hold 24.5%. Windar Renovables, a Spanish company, will be responsible for delivering the technology to construct the WDPP towers to Russia. Severstal will have the opportunity to supply, on competitive terms, the steel plate necessary for production.

The JV enterprise’s production capacity will reach 300 MWt per annum within next 2 years. Initially, its key customers will be the joint fund created by RUSNANO and FORTUM to establish wind energy production, and its subsidiary Vetroparki FRV LLC, which won a competition for renewable energy projects, with a total installed power of 1.8 GWt. Vestas, a global WDPP supplier and technological partner, has been selected to be the main equipment supplier for the fund. One of the key selection criteria was the presence of a localisation programme in Russia. Windar Renovables is a global OEM partner of Vestas.

The steel WDPP towers constitute a hollow structure from a set of cylindrical sections shaped like a cone, on which a gondola and the wind turbine rotor are mounted in order to connect the rotor mechanism of the wind turbine to with the flow of wind. Towers will reach up to 120 metres in height, with a weight of up to 270 tonnes. Upon commissioning, the RES object under the capacity delivery agreement (CDA) programme, the towers will ensure a 13% WDPP localisation of the fixed level of 65%. 金属板材展-线材展-金属加工展-2019第二十届广州国际金属板材展全球三大金属展之一巨浪展览 -- The 20th China (Guangzhou) Intl Plate metal, Bar, wire, Metal Processing &Setting Equipment Exhibition Plate metal exhibition, Plate metal expo,2019 Plate metal exhibition,2019 Plate metal expo, Bar exhibition, Bar expo,2019 Bar exhibition,2019 Bar expo, China Bar exhibition, China Bar expo, wire exhibition, wire expo,2019 wire exhibition,2019 wire expo, Metal Processing exhibition, Metal Processing expo,2019 Metal Processing exhibition,2019 Metal Processing expo, China Metal Processing exhibition, China Metal Processing expo.
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