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SYARIKAT SEPERING HOCK SOON 2111# 9sqm-The 19th China(Guangzhou)Int’l   Spring Industry Exhibition
5/31/2018  弹簧展- -全球最大弹簧展会- Spring Industry Exhibition
Syarikat Sepering Hock Soon established since 1977 by our founder Mr.Yap Pek Soon.

Syarikat Sepering Hock Soon established since 1977 by our founder Mr.Yap Pek Soon. We are the first ever springs manufacturing company located in Melaka. Our registered address is located in Batu Berendam,Taman Merdeka, Melaka, Malaysia. We fabricate Springs Products with the biggest wire diameter in Malaysia up to 60mm. The range of Wire Diameter that we can fabricate are from 0.10mm to 60mm.

We specialized in fabricating all springs related products ranging from : Compression Springs, Torsion Springs, Extension Springs, Spring Plate Products, Tools and Die Springs, Screw Conveyors ,Wire Foaming Products, Disc Springs, Wave Washer Springs and etc. We assure the Best Materials and Technology Support for machines and furnace from Japan ,USA and Europe countries to ensure that we are able to supply the best quality springs products to our customers .

We customize your springs according to your sizes and quantity required. EVEN 1 piece.

Our Products are usually use in Quarry Side for Crushers Machine, Vibration Machine ,Train, Crane, Tractor, Heavy Duty Mechanical, Packaging and Plastic Bag Cutting Machine and etc. We also fabricate Screw Conveyor for material transferring machine.

-弹簧展-2018第十九届广州国际弹簧工业展览会-全球最大弹簧展会-巨浪展览-Springs Industry Exhibition -The 19th China(Guangzhou)Int’l Spring Industry Exhibition 2018弹簧展,2018弹簧展会,2018弹簧展览会,2018弹簧机展,2018弹簧机展会,2018弹簧机展览会,2018弹簧设备展,2018弹簧线展,2018弹簧线展会,2018弹簧线展览会,国内最大弹簧展,国内最大弹簧设备展,2018广州弹簧展,2018钢丝展,2018钢丝展会,2018弹簧钢丝展,2018弹簧钢丝展会,2018广州弹簧机展,2018广州弹簧线材展,国内最大弹簧展会,2018弹簧博览会,2018弹簧机博览会-Spring Industry Exhibition, spring expo, 2018 Spring exhibition, 2018 Spring expo, China Spring exhibition, China Spring expo, steel spring exhibition, steel spring expo 

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